TUBACEX and VDM Metals
subscribes a cooperation agreement

In July, TUBACEX and the German company VDM Metals subscribed an agreement for the development of tubular products in the new VDM® 699XA alloy.

Through this agreement, VDM will supply Tubacex with the raw material required to manufacture tubes and Tubacex will market the new products.

The VDM® Alloy 699 XA material is a nickel-chromium-aluminum alloy, characterized by an excellent resistance to metal dusting, which also boasts good ductility and manufacturability, overcoming some of the restrictions of grades on the market for this application.

VDM® Alloy 699 XA provides excellent resistance to metal dusting.

Metal dusting is a type of corrosion caused in the temperature range of 400°C - 700°C in the presence of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in low oxygen environments, which leads to metal disintegration into carbon and metal particles.

The material is used by clients in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. It will be used in heat exchangers for synthesis gas processing.

Together, Tubacex and VDM Metals will work to obtain international approval for the product. This co-operation will represent an advantage for both companies as no other material has a comparable set of properties on the market.

The agreement is fully in line with Tubacex strategy of offering the market innovative solutions improving efficiency for the end client.