Managing Director of BREMBANA&ROLLE

BREMBANA&ROLLE leads the market in its core business, producing high pressure Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Waste Heat Boiler, Vessels/Columns and Fired Heaters for petrochemical and chemical applications.

How do you foresee the 2018 economic environment for your company?
The Oil & Gas & Petrochemical markets seem to pursue a sort of stand-by position. We do not expect for the next year a soon start/restart of significant greenfield or brownfield projects that could contribute to push the slow demand of our competitive range of production of premium static equipment.
That means that it is quite difficult to imagine an easy saturation of the market offer and competition among equipment manufactures is expected to increase.

Which will be the main focus of your company over the next four years?
I always wonder when I’m asked about such a typical subject if there are still companies which can realistically predict market evolution for more than one/two years. In fact we need to relate to our historical customers to understand what we could, and I repeat ‘could’, expect to plan our strategies. Within the frame of this simplified picture, to further continue our work on engineering capabilities and production technologies to constantly improve our efficiency and to qualify ourselves in all critical equipment, we are also looking into opportunities to increase package systems and provide customers with more energy efficient equipment.

From your point of view, what is the future trend in materials?
That’s a good question too. More and more, other than being simply competitive in price, materials coming from the Far East countries are growing in quality standards, but we do not see yet a time when these could meet 100% the technical specifications and the manufacturing and inspection stages management needed to ensure the tight delivery demand. There is still space for the European raw material manufacturers to compete on the critical materials market in the forthcoming years.

What role can TUBACEX play in the future of your company?
TUBACEX knows well the demand of our targeted equipment for the Ammonia/Urea, the off-shore and the high pressure refining processes. In all these fields, TUBACEX heat exchanger tubes can be competitive in both quality and price. Our strategies do not include the option for generalized selective partnership, but for specific project cases we are ready to find opportunities for agreements on a win- win basis.

What does you company value in a partner?
A basic requirement for a B&R Group preferred supplier is the capability to compete within a frame of transparent opportunities. Partnership role is gained and maintained by meeting the following parameters: price, on-time delivery and defect-free products.

Materials from Far East countries are growing in quality standards.