1509984844662.jpg1510050198969.jpg  Alejandra LÓPEZ
R&D Director

What's your track record at TUBACEX Group?
I joined the Quality Department as Head of Laboratory in 2002 and four years later I took on the duties of Head of Metallurgical Department. In 2013, when the Group Innovation strategy was redefined I moved to the Innovation Department as R&D Director.

What do you value most about TUBACEX?
Its innovation effort. Over recent years and in line with our strategic objectives, we have made a clear commitment to Innovation as a lever of transformation for the Group and to be positioned as leaders in very demanding sectors. Another major asset of TUBACEX which is also the driver making this transformation possible is the personal and professional skills of our people.

What fascinates you most in the R&D field?
The possibility of creating concepts and the challenge to make them true. Although there is much uncertainty regarding R&D projects, it is very satisfying to see how products developed successfully make a significant contribution to the turnover.

How do you see TUBACEX in 2021?
Our aim is clear: to become a leading supplier of tubular solutions with a broad range of high value-added products and services in different sectors. It's not an easy road but I believe we are taking major steps in that direction; and of course from Innovation we will continue to drive change to make it possible, because I firmly believe continuous innovation is essential to be a leading company.