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Prevention WORKSHOPS

TTI & ACERALAVA have promoted a series of awareness campaigns to develop and consolidate a preventive culture in recent years.

These initiatives stem from the management team and move down through the direct chain of command, highlighting the value of human factor in prevention.

During 2016, different initiatives were carried out at all levels to promote a proactive preventive culture, mainly through preventive observations focused on safe behavior. They were followed in 2017 by several prevention workshops where multidisciplinary teams at all the organization levels participated. These sessions organized by the prevention department are led by the managers of each plant and guided by the Business Unit Director. The entire chain of command takes part in the sessions, from heads of department to line managers and technicians from the different departments including quality, engineering, PMO and prevention departments. After a brief presentation from the leader and guided by the session moderator, the participants work on different prevention aspects undertaking specific commitments for improvement.

Awareness is crucial to consolidating proactive preventive culture.

In the first workshops of the year, work pivoted around commitment, as the strategic axis of preventive culture less highly rated in training sessions in 2016. In these workshops, all participants have undertaken commitments derived from actions plans with the corresponding follow-up by the Managing Directors of each plant and later by the Business Unit Director. These commitments were undertaken from personal responsibility and awareness of the team leaders and go from broader scopes defined in Prevention, Quality and Environmental policies, to personal commitments.