TUBACEX joins the Sustainable Development Goals

In February 2016, TUBACEX announced its priority axes as part of TUBACEX Foundation and was true to its business vision as well as taking into account the United Nations 2030 Agenda which is a plan of action for people, the planet and prosperity.

This agenda was materialized in 17 ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which include 169 targets of different kinds and represent an opportunity to add the efforts of all actors participating in private or public, individual or collective spheres.

1509984880375.jpg   QUALITY TRAINING
As the Foundation intends to promote quality education and training, we collaborated with the public sector in the definition of work-linked training programs tailored to the company needs, which will provide the trainees with the skills and knowledge needed to improve their employability on the market. The four-year programs are mainly offered at the work center and include one year of international experience as a differential factor.

1509984881636.jpg   CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION
Being aware of the vulnerability of children in certain regions, TUBACEX Foundation in co-operation with UNICEF, has decided to contribute to change and promote improved education in 1,257 schools in Palghar, an Indian district located 50km from our production plant. This involves improving the sanitation network as well as increasing awareness regarding hygiene habits. This program includes more than one SDG, and is directly linked to the clean water and sanitation goal, as well as to promoting quality education, gender equality, health and well-being or eliminating poverty. For further information: www.tubacex.com/UNICEF

1509984879186.jpg   REDUCE INEQUALITIES

The third priority axis for the Foundation work focused on corporate diversity, fostering programs in favor of equal opportunities among collectives with different skills. These included action plans to integrate professionals with disabilities, a collective which is also transversally referred to in the SDGs and expressly stated as one of the SDG 10 targets: to reduce inequalities.

Fostering alliances in public-private spheres.

As this SDG suggests, TUBACEX Foundation is committed to promoting its priority axes through fostering and encouraging alliances in public-private spheres and society in general, making the most of the experiences and synergies which may be generated.
Although TUBACEX already has a Foundation which channels our corporate commitment to social issues, the SDGs are integrated across all work areas in each of our company's business activities, through programs promoting economic growth, addressing a series of social (education, health, social protection or employment opportunities, among others) and environmental needs including fighting against climate change and environmental protection.