SALEM TUBE, flying into space


Development of ultra-smooth surface finishes for the Aerospace market

Salem Tube has been producing Aerospace tube products for many years, fulfilling and exceeding the requirements of this industry in numerous applications, such as fuel, hydraulic, bleed, and cooling lines, in addition to applications in landing and structural components.

The company was Nadcap accredited in three special processes (Heat Treatment, Material Testing and Non-destructive Testing) for superior standards in stainless steel and nickel alloy tube manufacturing, demonstrating its dedication to quality assurance and Salem Tube’s commitment to providing consistently top quality products for its aerospace customers.

Since then, Salem Tube has evolved and continues to be one step ahead in this demanding industry with the development of new production technologies. More specifically, the company has recently created a process that ensures very low surface roughness in Alloy 625 through a combination of tooling design and lubrications, allowing for end surface results that are constantly below a maximum of 20 Ra between the ID and OD on very small diameters while running at high production speeds. The expectations of Salem Tube’s customers have driven the Tubacex teams to compete on an entirely different level with ultra-smooth surface production, offering excellent corrosion resistance performance while reducing energy losses.

Offering excellent corrosion resistance performance while reducing energy losses

These technologies have been designed in-house, giving the Tubacex Group a competitive advantage in highly demanding markets, such as aeronautics and opening up additional opportunities in medical and pharmaceutical applications, which are also very demanding in terms of surface requirements. In these applications in which product technologies are rapidly growing, innovation in the manufacturing process is becoming an increasingly critical capability for product innovation. TUBACEX has focused its Innovation strategy on promoting research into the development of new products, grades and technologies, meeting the industry’s challenges with advanced innovations.

Aerospace represents a significant and sustainable market for years to come, giving Salem Tube the capacity to support these demanding industry requirements in terms of safety, quality and delivery times, offering the industry’s largest portfolio of high-performance tubing, corrosion-resistant alloys, as well as a commitment to delivering on short lead times.

Nickel Alloy 625. Salem Tube’s portfolio:
250” (6.35mm) od x .028”(.71mm) / .250”(6.35mm) x .049”(1.24mm)
375”(9.52mm) od x .035”(.89mm) wall / .500”(12.7mm) od x .028”(.71mm) / .750”(19.5mm) x .049”(1.25)