1517209820700.jpg   Isidro ELEZGARAI

President of the UNICEF Basque Country Committee

What is UNICEF's mission?

Guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child and together with all our collaborators and allies, at UNICEF we work to protect children’s rights at all times and in all places, and respond to emergencies. In short, we want every boy and girl on the planet to be just that, boys and girls, without any other concern.

What does the project you are developing with TUBACEX consist of?

Tubacex is supporting access to quality education for 115,888 boys and girls in Palghar, more specifically, for the most vulnerable, the indigenous and marginalized groups. Among other actions, we are fostering access to water and sanitation in schools, teacher training and increasing the skills of the entire community through diverse awareness-raising campaigns.

How do you value TUBACEX participation in a project of these proportions?

For UNICEF, having allies like TUBACEX is vital to fulfill our mission. We cannot reach our goals alone, but thanks to the commitment of companies like TUBACEX, we can take on long-term projects and have a sustainable impact on the life of thousands of boys and girls.

What role do companies play in the fulfillment of the SDGs?

With our eyes fixed on the Agenda 2030 and the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals, at UNICEF we do not want any child to be left behind, for this reason, alliances with companies are vital. The involvement of the private sector through support for training and awareness campaigns among clients and employees or the incorporation of rights in corporate social responsibility policies will lead to better opportunities for children. The company's voice is heard. We need to create fairer societies today and in the future. Together, we can change the world.