1516971438604.jpg  Borja MARTÍN

IBF Maintenance
Interview of an Intern on the TUBACEX START Program in Italy (IBF)

What have you learned during this international grant at IBF?

It is not easy to sum up everything that I have learned. However, generally speaking, I consider that by leaving the comfort area, I have matured as a person. On seeing yourself in a new environmentin which initially you have no friends or family (or even the language), you end up maturing no matter what.

What has this experience given you on a personal and professional level?

On a personal level, it has given me greater autonomy and confidence in myself. Now I am capable of assuming challenges that I couldn't ever imagine in the past. Professionally, apart from learning Italian, at IBF I have put my knowledge acquired during my studies (Mechatronics) into practice and extended it.

What is your balance of your experience at IBF?

It is definitely positive. I came to IBF a year ago and I feel as though I arrived last week. I am lucky to form part of a highly qualified work team made up of people of different nationalities, from whom I have learned a lot and with whom the working day is much more pleasant.

What recommendations would you give to new participants in this program?

They should not be shy and should socialize (even though they do not know the language). They should travel and enjoy what is around them. They should be restless. It is going to be one of the best experiences of their life.