TTI and ACERALAVA, promoting the preventive culture in the SECURITY WEEK


Presentation of the award to the TUBACEX team by ASEPEYO

TTI and ACERALAVA have held "Safety Week" at their plants, consisting of conferences aimed at fostering a preventive culture in occupational risk prevention through diverse activities in the field of training and raising awareness.

Therefore, during a week, Tubacex collaborators have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of sessions, among which the following stand out: presentation of the Smart-Safety method, theoretical and practical training in fire extinction, rescue drills on falling from heights, a healthy campaign for the reduction of cholesterol, introduction to mindfulness for stress management, limiting beliefs and positive thought or driving sessions in extreme conditions to reduce accidents en route to and from work, among others. In total, almost 800 training hours open to the entire workforce have been invested during this week.

The Llodio and Amurrio plants have been recognized for their role in occupational risk prevention

This type of initiatives and, in general, actions carried out by Tubacex in terms of occupational prevention, with quantifiable investments and effective contributions have led the Llodio and Amurrio plants (Basque Country/Spain) to be recognized by ASEPEYO, hence opting for important incentives that will once more lead to the promotion of the company in this type of actions. This recognition has been possible thanks to the involvement of collaborators in safety management, promoting safe behavior and taking a proactive approach to the identification and management of occupational risks.


Driving in extreme conditions / Driving in wet conditions / Emergency braking