TUBACEX, recognition for its efforts
in training young people


The team of instructors from TTI, ACERÁLAVA, TTA and Tubacex Innovation, all of which are companies and areas within the TUBACEX Group located in the Basque Country/Spain, has been recognized by the Basque Business Confederation (Confebask) for its efforts in the training of young people.

In the public act held last November, the work of TUBACEX was highlighted, and more specifically that of the team of instructors for its active participation in the implementation of placement processes, collaborating effectively in the education of Vocational Training students. In this way, at the suggestion of the Vocational Training centers participating in the TUBACEX programs (Zaraobe and Llodio) and thanks to the decision of SEA entrepreneurs of Alava, Tubacex's commitment to quality training has been recognized, whereby this training is in line with the company's values and adapted to its needs in this stage of transformation, increasing its competitiveness as well as the professional and occupational development of these young people.

The Tubacex team of instructors has been recognized for its active participation in the training of young people

The Tubacex instructors participate actively in the training of 55 students who are on the dual training programs promoted by the company worldwide. More specifically, on the "Preventive Maintenance" and the "Extrusion, Rolling and Forging" programs, which were launched in 2016 and 2017 respectively. They are four-year academic programs in which 75% takes place at the work centers and which include a year of international experience at any of the Tubacex plants as a differential aspect. These programs have been promoted through the Tubacex Foundation, whose lines of work include fostering training through dual training programs in collaboration with public institutions, national grant programs and international grants to be developed at the Tubacex plants in the USA, Italy, Austria, India or Thailand.

TTI, TTA and Tubacex Innovation team of instructors

- Jon Mikel Gainza

- Koldo Ibarrondo

- Joseba Artolozaga

- Jesús Villanueva

- Alain Laucirica

- Jon Aldaiturriaga

- Unai Ruiz

- Javier Gutiérrez

- Roberto Moral

- Javier García Madrigal

- José Luis García

- Aitor Berdugo

- Josu Mínguez

- David González de la Hoz

- Sergio Pérez

- Gorka Luengas

- Ángel García

- David Ruiz

- Beatriz Calleja

Promoting training, through better access to water, hygiene and sanitation.

In March 2016, the Tubacex Group launched its first corporate social action program with the aim of promoting the right to education in childhood. In collaboration with UNICEF, it has developed a three-year program in Palghar (India), very close to its Tubacex India production plant. This program aims to increase access to education for 116,000 children in 1257 schools in the region, fostering healthy hygiene habits and improving access to toilets. To contribute to the program: www.tubacex.com/unicef