for integrated Piping Systems

TUBACEX Group decided to redesign its organizational model to adapt it to the new positioning and thus accelerate the growth rate established in their Strategic Plan. The new organization chart strengthens the offer of tubular products with a specific unit specialized in big pipes and fittings that completes the product portfolio by offering a complete solution.

With three productions plants specialized in fittings manufacturing, TUBACEX is able to design and manufacture the widest range in the industry in various formats (elbows, tees, reducers, caps…). In addition to the standard product portfolio, the company also offers unique functional designs and customized solutions providing the perfect combination of reliability and optimum flow characteristics.

TUBACEX fittings and special components program, seamless and welded products up to 72”, is specially designed to fulfill the most demanding needs for the oil&gas, petrochemical, fertilizers, aerospace, nuclear and Powergen industry.

TUBACEX designs and manufactures the widest product range in the industry.

The fully integrated model gives total flexibility through a broad variety of options for complex environments complementing the global offer and with a worldwide network of own warehouses, Tubacex Service Solutions (TSS), able to provide immediate product delivery and a wide range of finishing services, thereby transforming TUBACEX into a one stop solution partner that can provide a complete package offer.

TUBACEX fittings program portfolio: