turning Innovation into effective solutions

TUBACEX has promoted over the past years collaborative work processes with the purpose of joining knowledge synergies in an increasingly competitive market context. Aware of the value provided by this sort of methodology, the company has made use of its collective intelligence to develop solutions that affect different phases of the manufacturing process in the Spanish plants.

Following the first phase focused on the definition of the challenges that TUBACEX has to face on an operating level, it shared four specific projects through the Ennomotive collaborative platform, seeking the optimization and automation of certain processes. Of the four challenges considered, ultimately two were subject to the ideation and evaluation process by the international community of engineers or «solvers» that are part of the platform, who shared their improvement proposals with the company. The first of these seeks the automation of a process related to manufacturing steel bars at the steelworks; while the second focuses on automatic strapping and hexagonal packaging of a certain product.

Following an internal assessment phase, the projects that best adapted to the technical specifications of the challenge were selected as working base on which to continue to build the most viable solution, considering the specific characteristics of the work environments. During this phase, the TUBACEX engineering team guided the «solvers» to jointly consider viable solutions from the quality, security and cost control points of view. Currently, both projects are undergoing the validation phase allowing them to access new innovative pathways to collaborative work.

Thanks to Ennomotive, TUBACEX has had the chance to connect with thousands of engineers and experts from around the world to solve your challenges, within their continuous improvement philosophy. The platform integrates over 8,000 engineers, start-ups and SMEs from over 50 countries focused on solving complex challenges by offering a compensation. This is a new, agile and efficient model that allows companies to promote the knowledge of their technical teams providing more solutions from different industries with different technologies.

Connecting with thousands of engineers worldwide.

The closure of these projects is a new way of considering challenges, transforming innovation into efficient solutions that provide value to TUBACEX and, extensively, to all of their customers. This methodology is integrated in innovation management in TUBACEX under the principles of Open Innovation, which allows for the integration of capacity and know-how from a network of companies, research centers and partners in general.