Manuela Antoni

Commercial Plant
Edelstahlrohr GmbH (SBER),
Ternitz, Austria

What has been your track record in SBER?

In 2008 I started as the assistant of the managing director at SBER and I have had a challenging and professionally very interesting time - especially worth mentioning is the opening ceremony of the umbilical tube mill in 2011 with a wide range of guests from all over the world - including members of the Basque Government - which I was allowed to organize.

For 1 year I have been working as an office manager sales support to provide personal contact to our customers.

What would be your recommendation for new generations?

The new generation, I suppose, should not stand still in its professional development, remain open to new ideas, think outside the box and remain work solution-oriented in dealing with problems.

«Take the challenges to actively support and guide the future of TUBACEX - only if we work together we can stay competitive and satisfy our customers».

You are going to retire soon, what personal experiences will you take with you?

In my new phase of life, I will preserve the interest and curiosity about people, countries, cultures and languages.

What’s the best thing that happened to you at SBER?

I had the pleasure to accompany a colleague from Spain in the TUBACEX development program for 3 years, which resulted in a wonderful friendship.