SALEM TUBE, taking a proactive approach to safety

Aligned with global «Together Safety first» internal campaign, Salem Tube has implemented a behavior-based safety program to improve a safety performance.

This internal program is based on behavior safety audits, providing an opportunity to reinforce the training provided to employees. According to recent studies people forget about 90% of their training within two weeks if the knowledge is not used. Information materials and training as well as internal audits reinforce the need to put in practice the lessons learned. These internal audits represent an opportunity to prevent unsafe acts and achieve zero accidents objective.

Internal audits represent an opportunity to prevent unsafe acts.

Salem Tube has been promoting the observation audits as the best way to view if safety practices that are being taught in classes are being implemented while the employee is working. If an employee is observed doing something incorrectly the auditors should use the opportunity as a coaching session to teach the employee how to properly perform the task. Discipline during these audits, unless it is due to gross negligence by the employee, should be avoided so that it can become a positive learning experience. This interaction between the internal auditors and the workers performing the task also lends well to two-way communication and additional knowledge for the management team so they can address issues with equipment, tools, and/or processes.

Safety is everyone’s priority and by assisting each other in identifying unsafe acts and conditions through the auditing process Salem Tube become an excellence company in terms of safety performance.