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Llodio, 15 November, 2017. The continued reduction in investments throughout the entire value chain of the Oil&Gas sector is leading to a significant fall in volumes and serious pressure on prices. This situation has led to a dramatic reduction in projects awarded in this sector, which has had an impact on demand over the next few months. In such a depressed market context, TUBACEX has managed to achieve a positive net profit of €1.1 million between January and September. 


Llodio, July 27, 2017. The market in which TUBACEX products and services operate is at historically low levels of activity and with delays in the award of certain projects, which further hinders recovery. However, the Company's strategy to boost its position in high value-added products and services, offering increasingly broader solutions, is enabling it to access and obtain diverse specific projects, closing the first half of the year with a net profit of €1.9 million. 


The Executive Vice-President of Fundación ONCE, Alberto Durán and the President of TUBACEX, Álvaro Videgain, along with the CEO of TUBACEX, Jesús Esmorís, have signed an Inserta Agreement to foster the integration of disabled people in the Group's workforce. The agreement signed falls within the Social Inclusion and Social Economy Operational Program (POISES) developed by Fundación ONCE through Inserta Empleo, which is co-funded by the European Social Fund and aims to increase the training and employment of disabled people

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