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The Executive Vice-President of Fundación ONCE, Alberto Durán and the President of TUBACEX, Álvaro Videgain, along with the CEO of TUBACEX, Jesús Esmorís, have signed an Inserta Agreement to foster the integration of disabled people in the Group's workforce. The agreement signed falls within the Social Inclusion and Social Economy Operational Program (POISES) developed by Fundación ONCE through Inserta Empleo, which is co-funded by the European Social Fund and aims to increase the training and employment of disabled people


Llodio, May 24, 2017. Based on a strategy focused upon Premium products, the improvement of the company’s sales positioning, and an entrance into new markets, the Tubacex Group has boosted sales of higher added-value products. This has led the company to make progress throughout the second quarter of the year with a backlog for premium product order intake for €700 million – the highest in Tubacex history, with supply taking place over the next three years. 


Llodio, May 24, 2017. Despite an investment reduction in the exploration and production sector (one of the Group's main activity sectors) for the second year running and associated market uncertainty, TUBACEX has reaffirmed its commitment to Innovation and Diversification as growth levers. At the Annual Shareholders' General Meeting (ASGM) held today at our headquarters in Llodio, the Company's sales evolution was highlighted in a year where record-breaking sale milestones for some products were achieved; and strategic guidelines for the next four years were also defined.

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