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Manufacturing process & equipment

Rolling & forging (steel melting shop). Tubacex is a fully integrated company with one melting shop (in Spain) with an Electric Arc Furnace and an AOD converter, and forging and rolling equipment to produce bars, billets and ingots.


Hot Extrussion is is used for manufacturing hot finished tubes, pipes and hollow bars with stainless steel alloys and nickel based alloys. It also is used for the production of hollows (semi-finished products for cold finishing, also called mother tubes).


Cold pilgeringis the widely  used technology for the production of seamless, cold-finished, high alloyed stainless steel and nickel based alloy tubes and pipes, with a process able to reach lower outside diameters and tighter tolerances than the hot extrusion.


Cold drawingis used to obtain very narrow tolerance ranges, for outside  diameters but also for wall thicknesses.


Mechanical boring is used for big & special sizes, mainly over 8''.

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