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Tubacex is drawing up a new Strategic Plan


TUBACEX is drawing up a new Strategic Plan for 2013-2018, which foresees the Group's growth over this period through the increased importance of high value-added products on total sales and the company's greater penetration in emerging countries.  

The new plan will aim to achieve growth and a global leading position, including a significant increase in the profitability and  competitiveness of the business, and, consequently a significant increase in the share value.

To do so, the company will continue to develop new high value-added products for the oil and power generation sectors and the weight of these products on total sales will be increased.

On the other hand, the plan will focus on markets with greater development potential in the medium and long term, increasing its penetration in emerging countries - which will provide two-thirds of worldwide economic growth until 2020 - and establishing the possibility of industrial plants in other countries.

TUBACEX will also explore entry into niches with high technological value, including inorganic growth options in high alloy tubes, offering a greater level of expertise and strengthening the product portfolio.

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