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It was Tubacex's 50th anniversary on 6 June and the company has organized several events to celebrate.

On 23 May there was a special concert at the Euskalduna Conference and Concert Hall in Bilbao, with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and the Choir of Bilbao, conducted by Inma Shara. The concert was attended by some 1,500 people from the worlds of politics, business, finance, culture and the Basque society in general.

Tubafest took place in mid-July – an open day for employees and relatives in the company's plants in Llodio and Amurrio. There were guided tours round the plants and various cultural and leisure activities took place, including games and children's workshops. After these events, in which people including the Chairman, Álvaro Videgain, and the CEO, Jesús Esmorís, took part, and the prizes for the "Ideas por un tubo" competition were given out, there was a meal which was enjoyed by more than 1,000 people.



Euskalduna Concert Hall
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