Advanced solutions for Energy and Mobility

We are an international benchmark in advanced tubular solutions

We foster innovation, competitiveness and sustainability as levers for change.
We are committed to human progress by providing highly technical solutions.
We are global.

Facing new challenges for human progress

We look after the environment, promote the circular economy and decarbonization

We are committed to talent. Free from barriers and conditions.
We are building a responsible business.

We are global

With 22 production plants on four continents, and service centers and sales offices worldwide, TUBACEX is an expert in maximum-efficiency applications.

Channeling our support for society

We set up our own Foundation closely related to the UN 2030 Agenda, to promote our community support

UREMIUM29: Revolutionizing urea plant performance

As a trailblazer in advanced industrial products and services for the energy and mobility sectors, we are excited to introduce UREMIUM29 – a true game-changer for urea plants. In our latest article, published in Stainless Steel Magazine and authored by Beatriz Calleja and Alejandra Lopez, we will...

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Tubacex: A Hidden Champion Among International Niche Leaders

Tubacex: A Hidden Champion Among International Niche Leaders In the business world, there are companies that operate in relatively unknown market segments. These companies, often with annual revenues not exceeding one billion euros, have a strong international focus. Their primary business is not...

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1H 2023 results

Tubacex affirms a favorable outlook for 2023 and enhances visibility for the upcoming year.     The second quarter of 2023 marks the eighth consecutive quarter of improved results with the highest quarterly EBITDA and margin in the company's history. Its premium multi-sector business...

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