Leaders in Advanced Industrial Solutions for Energy and Mobility

We are an international benchmark in the design, manufacture, and installation of advanced industrial solutions for energy and mobility

We foster innovation, competitiveness, and sustainability as levers of change. Committed to human progress, we offer sophisticated industrial products and high-value-added services, where only the most advanced solutions ensure the best performance. We are experts in advanced materials, creating solutions tailored to demanding environments, such as extreme temperatures, pressure, or corrosive conditions.

Innovation towards a sustainable and advanced future

Innovating for a more prosperous and resilient future

Our commitment to research and development sets us apart, maintaining our leadership in manufacturing seamless stainless steel tubes and high-quality alloys. Driven by the Energy Intelligence Center, our energy-focused technology hub, and supported by two innovation centers, we strive to optimize processes and develop cutting-edge solutions for key sectors like energy, petrochemical, and aerospace.

A Key Player in the Energy Transition

We play a key role in the energy transition, in both conventional and low-carbon energies

We deliver solutions for conventional energy, supporting our clients in their industrial processes, contributing to their efficiency and the decarbonization of these processes, as well as in low-carbon energy technologies, such as Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS), and hydrogen, through our specialization in high-technological value products. We assume a strategic global and structural role in the energy transition, focusing on energy security and decarbonization.

We have launched our NT2 Plan, aimed at leadership in energy and mobility

Tubacex has announced the early achievement of its current business plan targets, leading to the unveiling of its updated strategy, the NT2 plan. This new plan, set with a vision for 2027, is anchored in the energy transition and the company’s transformation. The Low Carbon business unit is set to become a key growth driver, offering industrial solutions for carbon capture, storage, and utilization (CCS), and hydrogen technologies.

This transformative plan aims to reduce the business’s cyclicality and decrease its reliance on the Oil & Gas sector to less than one-third, establishing Tubacex as a benchmark in sustainability and energy transition. Tubacex’s goal is to become a global leader in advanced solutions for energy and mobility, ensuring that all its business units significantly contribute to the Group’s results and growth.

New challenges for human progress

We care for the environment, promote circular economy and decarbonization

We invest in talent, free of barriers and conditions, building a responsible business.

We are global and long-term partners

24 manufacturing plants, service centers and commercial offices across four continents

We support our clients globally with a fully integrated, 360º production model, encompassing the entire product lifecycle. Our philosophy is based on innovative challenges.


Channeling our support for society

Through the Tubacex Foundation, we align with the UN’s 2030 Agenda, promoting support for the communities in which we operate

Tubacex Foundation new site launch

Since its inception in 2016, the Tubacex Foundation has been at the forefront of driving impactful projects in education, culture, sports, social welfare, and employment. Our mission is clear: to enrich the lives of the communities where we operate, bringing value and fostering growth. With...

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Global showcase of Tubacex at mayor industry fairs

  This week is all about diversification and innovation at TUBACEX. We're hitting three major industry events across the globe to showcase our expertise in advanced materials and sophisticated industrial products. Starting off at the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition in Rotterdam (Booth...

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