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Information Security Policy

General Security Objectives:

The TUBACEX Information Security Policy represents the organization’s express commitment to determining and establishing the guidelines and appropriate support to manage the security of the information it handles, in accordance with its own requirements and the prevailing legislation and regulations, increasing the quality of the services offered to its customers.

At the same time, it seeks to protect the organization’s information resources and maintain the privacy of customers, associates, suppliers and employees.

The following objectives are embraced:

  • Adopt all of the necessary actions and procedures to preserve the three basic components of information security:
    • Guarantee that the data and the systems can only be accessed by duly authorized users (Confidentiality).
    • Guarantee the accuracy of information and systems against its accidental or fraudulent modification, loss or destruction (Integrity).
    • Guarantee that the information and systems can be used in the appropriate way and at the required time (Availability).
  • Guarantee the dissemination of the regulation defined to support this Policy, with the aim of instilling a level of awareness and training in information security among the personnel that provide services in TUBACEX, in order to ensure the application of appropriate practices in this field, as an element inherent in the development of their functions.
  • Adopt the Information Security Policy as the main tool to guarantee Information Security, fostering and ensuring its fulfillment within the different services.

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