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TUBACEX Group provides tubular solutions in the five continents

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The Group is a leader in advanced industrial solutions. It has vertically integrated production, with our own steel mill to manufacture stainless steel and several hot extrusion plants for cold rolling and mechanical drilling of tubes. It also has a global commercial presence, including several pipe distribution companies. These facilities allow the Tubacex group to meet the main standards and manufacturing ranges.

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Tubacex is a multinational group specialized in advanced industrial solutions and high-value-added services. Our main vision is to become a global solutions provider that meets our clients’ needs from the design of the solution to manufacturing and subsequent maintenance services, and accompanying our clients in their own production facilities.

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Range of aplications

The main sectors currently focused on by the company are Energy and Mobility. From oil and gas exploration and extraction, refining industry, and various chemical and petrochemical industries, to low-emission energies, with the development of new innovative solutions for generation, storage, and transportation of energy for developing markets such as hydrogen or CCUS (carbon capture, storage, and utilization).

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Global quality certifications

Tubacex is a group with a global presence, which strengthens its proximity to markets and clients, with whom it maintains a long-term and ongoing collaborative commitment. The Group currently sells products in more than 60 countries around the world and has become a leading supplier of advanced industrial solutions. Quality, service, and flexibility are the main drivers of the Tubacex Group’s effort to meet its clients’ needs.

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