Contribute to the development of innovative solutions for the energy transition

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2. Innovative solutions

Contribute to the development of innovative solutions for the energy transition

We participate in innovative initiatives that lead the energy transition and we offer our technological capability to our customers and to business diversification

To fulfill this objective:

  • We facilitate the industrialization of high impact, innovative technological solutions, moving towards business diversification.
  • We foster the development of advanced materials capable of significantly improving energy efficiency and thus reducing CO2 emissions.
  • We are a key ally for the energy industry with materials capable of operating in the most demanding corrosion and pressure environments.
  • We work with our customers on the development of innovative solutions that facilitate their transition.

Associations in which we have a stake:

  • H2Basque
  • Basque Hydrogen Corridor
  • SHYNE (Spanish Hydrogen Network)
  • Net-Zero MAR Alliance
  • H2 IT

We are global

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