Progress towards neutrality and foster business circularity

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1. Neutrality and Circularity

Move towards neutrality and foster business circularity

We are working to reduce our environmental footprint, acting as an active agent in decarbonization, efficiency and circularity; and we want to extend our commitment to the supply chain.

To fulfill this objective:

  • We foster the implementation of new technologies that enable the environmental impact of our business to be reduced.
  • We promote energy efficiency, decarbonization of energy sources and the Supply Chain.
  • We encourage the use of recycled materials, foster waste circularity and promote sustainable water management.
  • We incorporate ESG criteria in our purchases, with sustainability assessments.
Subcategory Indicator 2019 2022 2030
Energy & Climate Energy intensity1 2,58 1,71 2,07
Energy & Climate Scope 1 + 2 Emissions intensity2 Scope 1 y 2 0,70 0,30 0,28
Energy & Climate % Renewable Energy 0,0% 33,3 40%
Circular Economy Waste recycled 59,6% 81,3% 95,0%
Supply Chain % of suppliers evaluated on ESG factors 0,0% 90,0% 99,0%

1. Group companies intensities weight by energy use
2. Group companies intensities weight by emissions GAV: Gross Added Value (€k)

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