Take care of our people and the immediate environment

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3. Our people and environments

Take care of our people and the immediate environment

We are a global group made up of professionals from more than 17 countries. We develop safe work environments, fostering the principles of equality and respect for diversity. We contribute to social development wherever we operate.

To fulfill this objective:

  • We believe in talent without barriers or limits. We are committed to diverse talent, the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity.
  • We create and promote diverse and inclusive work environments, avoiding situations of labor and remuneration discrimination.
  • We foster the development of our people, communication and participation, turning the business project into a shared project.
  • We encourage the development of the communities in which we operate, with our own foundation that channels our commitment to training, functional diversity and social action.
  • We are fully committed to the protection of Human Rights as they underpin the laws applicable to all the business units.


Subcategory Indicator 2019 2022 2030
Diversity Gender pay Gap 11,5% 12,0% 10,1%
Professional develop. Traning delivered per employee 13,7 14,3 15,0
Health & Safety Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) Evolution 100,0 42,4 25,0
Health & Safety Severity rate Evolution 100,0 50 25,0

We are global

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