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Mission, vision and values


  • We are an innovative, multi-national industrial group in the global market of seamless stainless steel tubes.
  • We seek customer satisfaction through a portfolio of products and services that are constantly being developed.
  • We are a reliable company that fulfills its obligations with internal and external clients.
  • We grow in a profitable and sustainable way.
  • We take it upon ourselves to effectively manage the return on all of our investments and to reward our shareholders.
  • We seek excellence, through rigorous process management and the systematic application of ongoing improvement.
  • We undertake to constantly foster a safe and pleasant workplace, whilst respecting the environment.
  • We seek to contribute to the development of society and our suppliers, developing as professionals and people, working as a team and constantly measuring our results.


We aspire to be a global supplier and benchmark in innovative tubular solutions in advanced materials, offering service and management excellence. While fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations, our goal is to remain profitably sustainable and focused on the personal development of our people.



Focus on Achievement

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous Improvement

Creativity and Innovation


Creation of Value and Profitability

Diversity and Dignity in the Workplace

Corporate Ethics

We are global

Recognised as a Supplier Engagement Leader by CDP

A few months after we were included by CDP in their "A list" of global leading companies for their action plans regarding climatechange and transparency in information, we have just learned that we are part of the global list of supplier engagement leaders, which this year includes 22 Spanish...

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