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January 2022

Tubacex increases prices

TUBACEX announces a price increase of 3% in seamless stainless steel pipes & tubes (including hollow bars) and of 5% for instrumentation tubing as a consequence of the current market conditions, as announced today by the company. The price increase will be...

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2011 Results Release

In 2011 TUBACEX has registered a net profit of 3.66 million euros, which is the company's first positive figure after the losses registered in 2009 and 2010 as a result of the major international financial crisis, according to the information provided by the company...

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Investments made by Tubacex in 2011

IN 2011 TUBACEX HAS MADE INVESTMENTS AMOUNTING TO 19.30 MILLION EUROS Throughout 2011, TUBACEX has deployed investments in technical facilities and machinery amounting to 19.30 million euros, especially those seeking the development of production capacity in those...

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Significant increase in sales in 2011

SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN SALES IN 2011, ESPECIALLY IN EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA Along 2011, TUBACEX has registered 486.60 million euros of consolidated sales, which represents an increase of 34.5% against the 2010 figure. Sales have grown in Europe, North America and...

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Significant growth of tube orders

SIGNIFICANT GROWTH OF TUBE ORDERS FOR OIL EXPLORATION AND EXTRACTION The demand of tubes for investment projects in the oil exploration and extraction industry has experienced a significant increase throughout 2011. Thus, tube order intake in this sector has grown to...

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Q3 2011 Results Release

Backlog stands at precrisis levels TUBACEX OBTAINS AN EBITDA OF 23.70 MILLION EUROS BETWEEN JANUARY AND SEPTEMBER TUBACEX has recorded a consolidated EBITDA (Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) of 23.70 million euros during the first nine...

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Q2 2011 Results Release

Tubacex to invest €25 m in its Llodio and Amurrio plants TUBACEX OBTAINS AN EBITDA OF 17.78 MILLION EUROS IN THE FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR TUBACEX has recorded a consolidated EBITDA (Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) of 17.78 million euros...

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New Products increase amount of orders

NEW PRODUCTS INCREASE AMOUNT OF ORDERS The new products launched by TUBACEX over the past years are proving to be essential for the Group's growing order book, which covers the company's production until the first quarter of 2012, bringing the amount of orders back to...

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