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Corporate social responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility at TUBACEX is related to the company’s mission. In this respect, its mission includes its commitment to stakeholders, including respect for the environment, development of society, the professional motivation of employees or customer satisfaction. This commitment was formally ratified in 2004 when Tubacex joined the UN Global Compact and embraced its 10 universal principles, and we report progress made in each principle on an annual basis.

Another step in the responsible behavior of the company and the professionals that form part of it is the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy approved in 2014 by the TUBACEX Board of Directors, with the aim of establishing a reference framework in which to develop its activities and increase its business commitment. This policy covers economic, environmental, corporate governance and social matters.  Regarding the latter, it is worth highlighting the establishment of Fundación Tubacex to channel our commitment to quality, diverse talent and promote areas under development as well as acting as a lever to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



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