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TUBACEX has a global outlook to offer a complete package of stainless steel tubular solutions including functional, unique and exclusive designs as well as high technological value customized solutions for different applications where product quality, safety and performance play a key role. From technical consultancy and solution design to repair and maintenance, TUBACEX is present throughout the entire value chain. To develop innovative solutions, the collaboration of customers and other stakeholders is required in all life-cycle phases, from design to service operation under the principles of open innovation with the aim of reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for the customer.

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TUBACEX adapts its Organization to fight COVID-19: Q3 Results

TUBACEX’s sales figure for the first nine months of the year amounts to €389.6 million, which is 18.2% lower than that of the same period last year; while EBITDA stands at €26.4 million, down 42.9%, with a 6.8% margin. These results, determined by the global macroeconomic and health care...

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