TUBACEX positions itself in a Growing Market

According to the latest report from the International Energy Agency, global investment in energy stabilized in 2018. Three consecutive years of recession concluded with a recovery of investment in the supply of oil, gas and coal.

Even so, the approval for new conventional oil and gas projects fell short of what would be needed to meet the continued strong growth in global energy demand. Investments in energy efficiency and cleaner supply sources needed to align investments with the Paris Agreement and other sustainable development goals also stalled.

According to this report, the market is witnessing a shift in investments towards energy supply projects with shorter time frames. The industry is investing in the power generation and upstream sectors to market 20% faster than at the start of the decade, improving project management and lowering asset costs. On the other hand, although decisions to invest in coal-fired power plants declined to their lowest level this century, plants installed with this technology continued to expand, particularly in developing Asian countries.

Challenges for TUBACEX: efficiency and flexibility

In a context like the current one and in view of the expected recovery of the sector, TUBACEX has boosted its positioning with the supply of tubular solutions of high technological value, and an offer focused on reducing the overall cost of projects. 

TUBACEX offers a comprehensive proposal for upstream projects that includes technical collaboration, the supply of stainless steel tubular solutions, inventory management and the development of local content. This value proposal focuses on optimizing your customers' operating (OPEX) and capital (CAPEX) expenditures. 

Challenges for the sector: energy efficiency, climate change and shorter delivery times

In the downstream segment, the company is pushing the marketing of Tubacoat, a ceramic coating solution with exceptional corrosion resistance in various environments and thermal conditions, high resistance to abrasion and non-stick properties, as well as improved mechanical hardness. Tubacoat offers an efficient and environmentally friendly response solution, reducing operating costs for demanding applications, increasing the service life of critical components and, therefore, minimizing maintenance costs throughout the life cycle of the investment.

TUBACEX presents a comprehensive offer focused on reducing the overall cost of projects


In addition, TUBACEX supplies advanced materials for ultra-supercritical applications (USCA) in thermal energy generation projects. Said materials are exposed to extreme conditions and environments (temperatures of around 700 ºC, pressures close to 36.5 MPa and atmospheres with a high chlorine and sulfur content over the entire life cycle). These materials meet the need to increase the efficiency of these units and reduce CO2, NOx and SO2 emissions. As far as nuclear energy is concerned, TUBACEX, through IBF, has experience in designing and manufacturing customized components of up to 72" for nuclear reactors, in compliance with the strictest safety and reliability standards.  

This is how TUBACEX responds to the sector's challenges and trends in terms of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.