The Sagrada Familia of Barcelona, designed by Antonio Gaudí, began its construction in 1882. It is now entering its final building phase which is expected to end in 2026, coinciding with the centenary of the death of the architect.

Over the last few months, the six central towers (the Tower of Jesus Christ, the Tower of the Virgin Mary and the four towers of the Evangelists) have grown to an overall height of over 100 meters. It is envisaged that they will continue to grow in the coming years until the Sagrada Familia becomes the world's tallest church. 

Through ACERÁLAVA, the Tubacex Group has become a leading partner in the supply of premium duplex stainless steel material, which is essential for building these towers. This material is used to produce the high-strength machined parts that make up the internal steel structures. Likewise, since 2013, it has provided metallurgical support to the design team, including specific training in stainless steels for the architectural team. 

ACERÁLAVA, a leading partner in the supply of premium duplex stainless steel material 

For Carles Farràs, head of the Production Department of the Sagrada Familia, the collaboration with TUBACEX has been and continues to be of the “utmost importance, as is the study and proposal of new formats to optimize materials”. ACERALAVA has met the economic, technical, and delivery requirements for a project of this size. Carles Farràs stressed the importance of supplying quality products “that meet all of the calculation and Project requirements, with the issue of documents coming into play so that it is possible to trace the material at all times”. In addition, he highlighted the necessity of adapting to delivery needs, offering a price that is in line with general budgets. 

With Sagrada Familia, TUBACEX continues to take its steel to an emblematic, unique project with a high economic and social impact in Barcelona.