TUBACEX EXPANDS its OCTG tubes portfolio

TUBACEX is moving forward in its strategy of becoming a global supplier of tubular solutions, significantly reinforcing its product portfolio for the energy exploration and production sector (upstream).

In addition to the integration of new services through NTS (NOBU Group) within the framework of its alliance with SENAAT, TUBACEX continues to promote the development of new products. Specifically, it is expanding its dimensional range in OCTG with tubes up to 7" in grades G3 and G50, starting the industrialization process to reach up to 9” 5/8.

Wider dimensional range in grades G3 and G50 

These are nickel-based austenitic alloys with high Chromium (Cr) and Molybdenum (Mo) content as well as Copper (Cu) and Niobium (Nb) content which are used for the production and extraction of oil and gas in wells located in geographical areas with particularly aggressive service conditions. These alloys can withstand high temperature and pressure conditions, with a high chloride concentration and high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) content, being especially resistant to corrosion under stress in the presence of free sulfur. 


Particularly resistant to corrosion under stress in the presence of free sulfur

They were developed at TUBACEX thanks to its integrated manufacturing system, with its own steelworks, which allows the full production process to be monitored from the development of the steel onwards. In this way it is able to guarantee traceability in the quality control of the product and the continuous improvement of the whole process. It is based on the Six Sigma methodology, within the framework of the Tubacex Production System (TxPS), which TUBACEX has implemented in all its production plants.