Umbilicals for BP´s Matapal Project 

Tubacex Group has won an order to provide Umbilical tubes to BP´s Matapal project in Trinidad. The project, which is expected to start in 2022, will develop the gas resources discovered in 2017. It will be a three-well subsea tie-back to the existing Juniper platform.

TUBACEX Group signed 1st furnace pipe contract with Sinopec International

Tubacex Group has signed a contract with Sinopec International Beijing to supply pipes for furnace application. The Project´s scope, the owner of which is Lianyungang Petrochemical Company, will include 2 units (of 7 furnaces each) producing 1.25 million tons/year of ethylene via the ethane cracking process. This is the 1st contract with Sinopec International and it will provide a chance to extend Tubacex Group´s full product line to Sinopec.

Boiler tubes for NTPC’s Patratu project 

Tubacex Group has secured an order of boiler tubes for Patratu Coal Fired Power Plant, owned by NTPC. The project involves setting up a power plant with the generating capacity of 4,000 MW. The plant will be constructed in two phases. The first will have a capacity of 2,400 MW.

Pipes and fittings for Sindri and Barauni Urea-Ammonia plants in India

Tubacex Group has been awarded the supply of piping Systems for a Urea synthesis section. 
Tubacex was able to offer the biggest catalogue of products, with all sizes of pipes and fittings, including large OD pipes in the range from ½” to 14” in grade 316L UG.