Charles KIRBY

joined TUBACEX in January 2019 as Chief Supply Chain Officer. He has extensive experience in management positions in companies such as PWC and IDOM. 

What do you mean by the Supply Chain at TUBACEX?

Supply chain management includes the cross-cutting processes that align service and delivery to customers, the purchase and provisioning of materials, manufacturing and the planning of capacities and operations to ensure TUBACEX's service and competitiveness. Most of these processes are deployed in the business units, and the corporate management supports the definition, implementation and supervision of a coherent global model aligned with the strategic objectives of TUBACEX.

Why is it important for TUBACEX?

Today we are dealing with an increasingly demanding competitive environment, where our customers expect excellent service from us that provides them with comprehensive solutions at competitive costs. And we have to do this in an environment that some call VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). It requires better vertical (between TUBACEX areas) and horizontal integration (with customers and suppliers) in order to manage risks and exploit opportunities. .

How is work in this area going?

As part of an ambitious strategic plan, we are launching actions in four main areas: digital transformation to facilitate the integration and enhancement of information; the transformation of the operating model including organization, processes, indicators and tools; the reduction in volatility and improvement in the risk management of the supply chain and, lastly, collaboration with suppliers and customers in order to generate competitive advantages in a sustainable, socially responsible manner, while ensuring compliance.

What would you highlight about this period of work at TUBACEX?

Although I already knew some parts of TUBACEX from my previous work as a supplier to the group, what has impressed me most is the level of commitment and professionalism of the entire team. Both young and senior show pride in what TUBACEX is today, but are also open to continue improving and building the TUBACEX of the future.