company: campaign to promote healthy habits


The TUBACEX plants in the Basque Country (TTI and ACERALAVA) have launched a campaign to promote healthy habits.  

This campaign addresses aspects such as assessing psychosocial risks, the RADAR project for facilitating the communication of the status of actions derived from identifying risks, the annual prevention plan, specific disease detection campaigns and the recently incorporated healthy eating campaign. 

Healthy diet to improve quality of life

This healthy eating campaign promotes the implementation of a healthy diet to combat problems arising from inadequate nutrition. Likewise, vending machines now include healthy snacks and fruit as an alternative with the aim of improving the offer and nutritional quality. In the area of food, this initiative has been extended to working breakfasts, also including options with lower sugar and fat content. 

In this way, TUBACEX is continuing to promote good habits in order to contribute to maintaining a good state of health, working from prevention and offering workers a safe and healthy working environment. All of the actions within this campaign are aimed at improving the health of workers and, with it, the competitiveness of the company by reducing absenteeism.   

Prevention campaigns are accompanied by awareness-raising through the heads of teams and human resources departments. In this way, face-to-face meetings and information materials, such as the monthly newsletter (Txosten) sent to all workers, are used to disseminate the importance of preventing occupational hazards.