Excellence in management and SUSTAINABILITY as transformation pillars 

Management excellence is one of the strategic pillars of TUBACEX. Thus, it incorporates the fundamental principles contained in the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model into its work philosophy, systematically identifying strengths and areas for improvement that lead to action plans. In this way, the company focuses its management on continuous improvement and innovation. 


Every year, TUBACEX evaluates its management model, using the concepts included in the EFQM model as a starting point. It is the employees themselves in positions of responsibility - middle managers and executives - who rate the management on a scale from 0 to 1000, in which more than 500 points would represent the highest level of recognition, and the objective that TUBACEX has set itself at the end of its strategic period. In the last 4 years, TUBACEX has improved this group's perception of management by 13%. This positive evolution took place during a period of crisis, in which both TUBACEX's strategy and its management model, which can adapt to market circumstances, were put to the test.

Integrating the EFQM principles into management 

The most highly rated enabling criteria are Leadership and Strategy, followed by Processes, Products and Services, and Alliances and Resources. At the same time, the criterion with the highest rating in the block of results is “Business Results”. 
Furthermore, this survey makes it possible to identify areas for improvement and strengths in a participative manner, and to develop specific action plans to respond to the demands of employees.   


The EFQM Model assumes that all excellent organizations respect and comply with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, of which TUBACEX has been a signatory since 2004. In this way, the company integrates sustainability concepts into its strategy taking economic, environmental and social dimensions as a reference. It created the Tubacex Foundation for this last dimension, promoting the employment and employability of young people through its dual training programs, the integration of diverse groups and the promotion of educational programs in regions where the company has a presence. 


TUBACEX has developed a set of performance and perception indicators. As a result, in each management area (People, Procurement, Sales, Finance, Operations...) TUBACEX measures and analyses the most important aspects of the business. These indicators are shared every month by the management and made public internally.