JESÚS ESMORÍS - CEO  Consejero Delegado

We are currently going through an energy transition. We have moved away from the classic business models in the field of hydrocarbon extraction and production, to carry out our activities via a model facing new challenges in terms of process optimization, efficiency or sustainability.
To address these challenges we have drawn up the guidelines of a plan which has enabled us to extend and focus our value proposition on maximizing profitability for our clients. For this purpose, we have shifted our insight focus from the organization towards the outside, i.e. our clients, and intensified our efforts and resources to offer them what they needed. This has resulted in our structure being strengthened, with the arrival of new companies enabling us to go where we were unable to go before in geographical as well as commercial offer terms. A clear example of this is the joint acquisition with SENAAT of the NTS Group with plants in Norway (Promet), Saudi Arabia (NTS Saudi) and Dubai (NTS Middle East). NTS has offered us the opportunity to extend our portfolio with stainless steel machined components and introduce drilling equipment repair services. This acquisition has reinforced our leading position in the oil and gas exploration and production segment.
Our aim is to continue to grow with a management philosophy aimed t providing our clients with value. Only by understanding their challenges can we set our own.