TUBACEX is decisively moving forward with
its comprehensive offer of solutions for the
UPSTREAM segment

When TUBACEX defined its strategy to become an integral supplier of stainless steel tubular solutions, a growth plan to reinforce the company development and manufacturing capabilities was also drafted.

Thanks to the integration of new companies, TUBACEX has exponentially extended its portfolio, keeping process and materials under control, as well as introducing new services escalating throughout the value chain.

NTS Group

In this strategic framework, TUBACEX and SENAAT, one of the UAE's largest industrial investment holding companies, subscribed an alliance which established as its first priority the acquisition of the NTS Group (formerly, NOBU Group) with plants in Norway (Promet), Saudi Arabia (NTS Saudi) and Dubai (NTS Middle East). NTS Group is a company specialized in manufacturing, repair and maintenance of stainless steel machined components for the Oil&Gas industry.


Integral Manufacturing

TUBACEX continues to be a leading manufacturer of OCTG tubes in CRA.
NTS provides a comprehensive range of downhole tool manufacturing solutions to include; downhole mills, impellers, spiral mills, reamer, shoes, stabilizers, sensor, spools, bladed noses, float subs, cross-overs, whipstocks, completion tools, mandrels, stabilizers, stabilizer sleeves etc.
NTS also provides comprehensive topside and sub-sea manufacturing to support global Oil & Gas processing applications.

Extending our product and service offer with NTS Group

Value-added services

TUBACEX is developing a value proposal based on highly technological integral solutions. This proposal includes engineering services for design and development of tailor-made projects, design and simulation capabilities, finishing operations, storage and logistic services, as well as repair and maintenance services as a result of NTS incorporation. NTS is specialized in mechanical repairing of drilling tools and equipment, and offering solutions aimed at bringing their services closer to the facilities. In this scope, it is worth mentioning their mobile workshops and internal services at the clients’ premises.
TUBACEX also offers a comprehensive proposal geared to optimizing our clients’ operating (OPEX) and capital expenditures (CAPEX), and focusing on the Middle East as one of the regions with the highest growth potential.