TUBACEX to supply umbilicals for BP's greater TORTUE AHMEYIM

TUBACEX approaches one of the main projects of umbilical tubes worldwide. The company will provide umbilical tubes to Nexans for the manufacturing of BP‘s greater Tortue Ahmeyim, reinforcing its leadership position in a key market.

A new well in the BP-operated Greater Tortue development area has encountered approximately
30 meters of net gas pay in high-quality Albian reservoir offshore Mauritania and Senegal.
The Greater Tortue Ahmeyim well was drilled to an approximate water depth of 2,500 meters and a total depth of 4,884 meters, on the eastern anticline within the unit development site.
The well located approximately 10 kilometers inboard of the Guembeul and Tortue wells, has been designed as a future producer and will be used to further optimize the development drilling plans for the cross-border. Greater Tortue Ahmeyim LNG project, the first phase of which was green-lighted by BP and partners SMPHM, Petrosen and Kosmos in late 2018, is on track to deliver first half during the first part of 2022.
Nexans is expected to be providing management, procurement, engineering, manufacturing and testing activities for the umbilicals and ancillary hardware. The electrical cables and fiber optics will be manufactured at the plant in Rognan and umbilicals will be produced in 2021.
In recent years TUBACEX has evolved to become a global provider of tubular solutions with high technological value. The company has reinforced its umbilical tubing capacity at Ternitz (SBER) with a new cold pilger mill devoted to efficiency, quality and environmentally friendly solutions. A completely innovative online pipe cleaning technology has been developed for this project, showing the most promising ID cleanliness levels ever experienced for long small-diameter tubes after wet cleaning.