TUBACEX boosts Innovation entrepreneurship through BIND 4.0

TUBACEX has ratified its commitment to BIND 4.0 becoming one of the companies acting as a driving force to promote smart industry projects.

Through BIND, the start-up accelerator promoted by the Basque Government, it continues to make progress in its innovation strategy attracting talent from technology-based companies (TBC) worldwide.
Through this type of open collaboration initiative, TUBACEX encourages the development of solutions providing value to its clients, bringing together technological synergies through a space which promotes entrepreneurship in the field of digitalization.

A driving force to promote smart industry projects

TUBACEX is deeply immersed in this area and has a plan in place to facilitate the transformation of business processes and improve efficiency, productivity, quality and customer service under the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).



BIND 4.0 Issue No. 4

BIND 4.0

BIND 4.0 is a world-leading accelerator of innovative Industry 4.0 projects. In three years since its creation a total number of 120 projects have been launched in 33 force-driving companies, and different solutions have been developed in technological fields such as: Big Data, Virtual and Augmented Reality, IoT, Additive Manufacturing, Cyber-physical systems (CPS) or Cybersecurity, among others.
In its fourth year, BIND 4.0 has introduced the creation of a Venture Club as a new feature. This is an investors club aimed at reinforcing support services to the business accelerator and thus, promoting networking among participants and specialized investment bodies.

With BIND 4.0, TUBACEX maintains its commitment to the development of technological solutions providing added value to its clients and opening new ways of attracting talent and knowledge.