Industrial Mechatronics First students joining an international experience
in TUBACEX dual training programs.

After three years in TTI, how did you tackle the challenge of continuing your training at TUBACEX plant in Austria? How did you prepare?

Endika Pereda: I really wanted to go, and in hindsight I don’t regret it at all, quite the opposite. I have grown as a person and as a professional. I’m now more independent in both aspects of life.
My English has greatly improved and I’ve also learned some German.

Looking back, how would you rate your experience?

Endika Pereda: Very good. Particularly taking into account how I have matured. I have learned different ways of working and different tools to use. Now I’m more independent at work.
Jon Ander Olabarria: Positive, very positive. From the start I began interacting with another culture and seeing another way of working. You learn things as they are done and I was able to apply the knowledge I acquired in Llodio as well. It's at those moments that you realize all you've learned and all the work that goes on behind the company tutors.

What would your advice be to anyone joining these programs?

Endika Pereda: It’s a hard experience at first yet unique and also 100% recommendable. The money provided is enough to live on without luxuries but being able to travel on weekends. I’ve visited many cities in Europe thanks to this grant.
Jon Ander Olabarria: Be patient, learn to listen and don’t be afraid to offer ideas. You’ve got to share what you think because even though we still don’t have experience we’re ready to have our own criteria, of that I’m sure.