Towards a BEHAVIOR -Based Safety Culture

In recent years, TUBACEX has been implementing a cultural transformation
in the field of safety focused on behavior.

Thus, the collective awareness of risks and required actions by all those who make up the Organization is above and beyond safety standards, procedures or investments at plants.
A Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) culture is the goal of a process focused on reinforcing safe behavior and consequently, minimizing risk causing behavior. Bradley Curve shows how as employees take greater responsibility in risk management the results obtained regarding risk prevention also improve.

People are the keys to the transformation process

Aware of the importance of continuing to work in this direction, TUBACEX has implemented a plan to help the company and its people to raise awareness regarding prevention and take a proactive attitude towards risks related to their activity. The plan involves using digital tools for real-time management, promoting training plans, as well as encouraging the use of BBS tools among other measures, with a people focus. Therefore, the company has ratified its corporate motto «Among all, safety first» in Prevention management and reinforced its commitment to continue to make progress in this priority area.