Evolution in material development is part of our history. Stainless steel, which is our business, was no exception, as it has been shaped by the search for properties to improve material behavior in critical environments determined by high temperatures, pressure and corrosion levels. All progress made throughout the process, from searching for higher metal resistance to oxidation, to the addition of nickel and chromium to increasing resistance to humidity or corrosion, have been based on one fact.

At TUBACEX we’ve never stopped evolving. We are aware of the need to develop a new generation of materials not only to meet the most demanding technical specifications but to do so with the highest efficiency levels and the lowest environmental impact.
Only by being at the forefront in the field of materials will we be able to tackle the most amazing cutting-edge technological projects on the market.

A good example of this is our position as a supplier of large high nickel alloy tubes and pipework for Ultra Super-Critical (USC) and Advanced Ultra Super-Critical (AUSC) energy plants. This type of material allows steam temperatures to reach 700 ºC which in turn achieves improved equipment performance and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition to this, TUBACOAT, a unique application on the market consisting of ceramic coatings, is capable of operating in the most demanding environments while maintaining its properties intact; which results in longer maintenance cycles.

This enables TUBACEX to become a leading partner in design and comprehensive supply of critical components in extremely demanding markets in terms of quality, safety, delivery and environmental commitment.