The fight against: CLIMATE CHANGE
at the center of TUBACEX's strategy

TUBACEX considers fighting climate change a priority strategy, as one
of the major challenges faced by
society and therefore, by all
public and private players.

Thus, TUBACEX has established lines of work focused on developing products oriented to improve efficiency while reducing CO2, optimizing internal processes to minimize environmental impact associated to our activity; and redefining our innovation approach by embracing new challenges in terms of CO2 emissions reduction and circular economy promotion.

It is worth highlighting all products manufactured and marketed by TUBACEX are 100% recyclable, returning to the life cycle to enter the new steel production process again. Prioritizing the use of stainless steel over any other type of material prevents using other components which can be harmful for the environment, such as corrosion inhibitors, fluids, etc. Furthermore, stainless steel resistance and durability result in extended useful life, avoiding replacements leading to new manufacturing cycles.  
In addition, TUBACEX is also making every effort to develop advanced materials capable of significantly improving energy efficiency and thus, reducing CO2 emissions. A good example of this is our position as a supplier of large high nickel alloy tubes and pipework for Ultra Super Critical (USC) and Advanced Ultra Super-Critical (AUSC) energy plants.

Developing advanced materials able to significantly improve energy efficiency

This type of material allows steam temperatures to reach 700 ºC which in turn achieves improved equipment performance and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition to this, TUBACOAT, a unique application on the market consisting of ceramic coatings, is capable of operating in the most demanding environments while maintaining its properties intact; which results in longer maintenance cycles.


Promoting a strategy for diversification towards more efficient sectors

Besides our efforts to develop new products, TUBACEX has been promoting its diversification strategy in recent years. As a result, the company has reinforced its presence in the gas sector, which represents 41% of the Group sales, becoming a competitive alternative in the decarbonized energy system context. It also continues to make progress towards an energy transition model, actively searching for new lines of work with research bodies.  
Finally, it is worth highlighting actions taken by TUBACEX in the field of production efficiency, with cleaner technology progressively replacing conventional manufacturing equipment.

Cleaner technology at industrial plants

Energy transition and the search for solutions to minimize the environmental impact caused by companies has become one of the priority challenges now. TUBACEX ratifies its firm commitment to continue promoting plans and strategies which will contribute to the global fight against climate change.