AWAJI STAINLESS boast new technologies for the development of new grades

Tubacex Awaji Thailand has been investing in new technologies to increase process efficiency, meet customer demands, maintain a competitive advantage and develop new grades.

This new technological approach has been implemented after standardizing operational management in line with TxPS, Tubacex own Production System model.  

More specifically, Tubacex Awaji has installed new equipment such as a new furnace with precise temperature control, bigger load capacity, automatic loading and unloading system, and a water tank with agitation as per the Norsok specification. In addition to this, the company has a new pickling plant with scrubber and wastewater treatment enabling an environmental friendly solution for in-house surface treatments. Finally, a new laboratory is under construction to complete the cycle and guarantee maximum levels of quality control.

These technologies have been developed together with the implementation of a new quality system that assures traceability from the beginning of the process, reducing scrap levels and reworking.

This new technological approach was promoted thanks to the involvement of the local team as well as the support from IBF, one of the companies which together with TTA (Tubacex Taylor Accessories) and NTS Group integrates the “Fittings and special components” area of Tubacex Group. Awaji Stainless is now ready to face the development of new material grades according to Tubacex Group’s standards, in terms of delivery, service and quality.