to promote its strategy

TUBACEX has created an Innovation Committee of experts to guide corporate action lines in different areas, in line with the short and long term scenarios of our demand sectors.

Some of the duties of the Committee involve providing advice to the management bodies related to setting research priorities aligned with our excellence, internationalization, and responsible and sustainable innovation standards.

In addition, it will help to focus and guide innovation projects in progress, encouraging the monitoring of emerging trends both in technology as well as the evolution of target sectors; defining new strategic challenges able to drive innovation activity, and identifying good practices in innovation management.

Source of advice and research on new lines of work

This Committee will promote Tubacex Group Innovation strategy focused on the development of new solutions, technologies and a complete service offer, as well as in fostering new business models based on collaboration. This philosophy has actually encouraged the creation of this Committee, as a source of advice and search for new lines of work resulting in development projects.

The market background has determined a reshaping of the innovation focus embracing new challenges in terms of CO2 reduction, boosting circular economy, or developing new technologies and new businesses, among others. Furthermore, TUBACEX is taking part in a global acceleration of the technological change facilitated by digitalization. In this regard, the company is working to develop digital architectures and smart operations. On the other hand, entrepreneurial environments need to be developed to intensify collaboration with external players using a multidisciplinary approach, such as start-ups or technology centers.

New challenges related to CO2 reduction, digitalization, collaborative environments and personalized solutions.

Finally, there is a demand for personalized solutions and boosting projects which are closest to clients. To achieve that, alliances with strategic clients will be forged, joining engineering efforts to optimize the design, and integrating functional and production aspects.

Composition of the Committee

The Committee, chaired by Jesús Esmoris, consists of three external consultants from the engineering, oil production and extraction and nuclear energy fields. In particular, José Emeterio, Senior Vice-President of Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel and Components Manufacturing (NF&CM) and member of the Board of Directors of Westinghouse Electric Company; Thierry Pilenko, former Executive Chairman and CEO at Technip; and Jose Formigli, President of Forsea Engenharia and former member of Petrobas Executive Board. The Innovation Committee also includes Mr. Álvaro Videgain, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TUBACEX; TUBACEX Board members, Iván Martén, Manuel Moreu and Antonio González-Adalid; as well as the participation of the executive team.