TUBACEX encourages EDUCATION for
the most underprivileged children

Thanks to a collaboration agreement with Colabora Birmania, to maintain and support a comprehensive education project for the children of illegal Burmese refugee and immigrant families in Mae Sot (Thailand).

In November 2016 TUBACEX launched, in cooperation with UNICEF, the first social initiative across the Group, helping to promote education for 116,000 boys and girls of the Palghar district in India. Facilitating access to water, sanitation and hygiene, over 1200 schools were able to improve their facilities and hygiene habits to prevent school dropout.

This is an open collaboration program

After that first experience, TUBACEX continued its commitment to promoting children’s education through a comprehensive education project aimed at Burmese boys and girls displaced to Mae Sot, a border village in Thailand. This project was promoted in collaboration with the NGO “Colabora Birmania” which has been supporting schooling for this group besides offering them an opportunity to grow and develop in a safe environment.

Myanmar is one of the poorest and most underdeveloped nations in Southeast Asia. Years of isolation, internal fighting and human rights violations have prevented the country from making progress. Burmese children in Mae Sot who are not in school work illegally in the fields and have no legal identity. This situation makes them vulnerable and likely to become prey to human trafficking mafias.
TUBACEX has decided to promote the continuation of these education programs, financing the costs of the children's entire development cycle: orphanage, nursery, education and support in finding work on reaching adulthood.  
To guarantee project success, TUBACEX has opened the scheme to all employees and other stakeholders to contribute to improving the children situation in this region through education, a fundamental and universal right.
For further information: www.fundaciontubacex.com

Funded projects:


Heavenly Home Orphanage

The orphanage is home to 79 children from the Mae Pa area. 49 of them are not orphans but their parents cannot take care of them and never contact them.
TUBACEX funds the maintenance costs of the orphanage (rent, electricity, water, gas, clothes, etc.) and the schooling of the children, thus preventing them from falling into drug addiction and helplessness.
Chicken School Nursery

Mae Ku Luang, a quiet town that hosts a large Burmese community, lies 10 km from Mae Sot. On the outskirts of the town is the Chicken School Nursery, with 125 students aged between 2 and 7, with 4 Burmese teachers.
TUBACEX has contributed to improving the facilities by funding the urgent repair of the store-house, to keep the food in the best condition, and the fitting-out of a new classroom.
SAW School

Every day, 200 children attend the SAW School, which provides them with a protective environment that helps reduce the incidence of child labor.
TUBACEX has assumed all the maintenance costs (renting the facilities, workers' salaries, school materials and food, among others), thereby preventing its closure
Km 42 School

Every day, 350 students attend the km 42 School, which provides them with a protective environment that helps reduce the incidence of child labor.
Through its team in Thailand (Awaji Stainless), TUBACEX has borne the costs of the urgent repair of walls, bathrooms, plumbing and flooring.
Entry into the labor market

TUBACEX has fostered the professional development and self-sufficiency of young people of working age, supporting and guiding them in their access to higher education and their entry into the job market at its plant in Thailand (Awaji Stainless).
Sponsor a superhero

The 79 children at the Heavenly Home orphanage are looking for sponsors who can offer them a better future. With just 20 euros a month you can improve their current situation immediately and change their future.  Sponsors’ quotas pay for some of the maintenance and schooling costs.