In an interview conducted yesterday, our Corporate Finance Director, Guillermo Ruiz-Longarte, shared the financial results of the Group for the year 2023. This remarkable success is the result of a well-articulated strategy and our ability to anticipate the needs of the global market, facing an environment full of both macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges.

Guillermo attributed this achievement to the effective implementation of global agreements with major energy companies and our international diversification strategy. He highlighted that the TUBACEX Group stands out in the global arena, with direct competitors only in Japan and Sweden. The realization of more than 30 framework agreements demonstrates our focus on value and our strong presence in key sectors. With an order book exceeding 1.600 billion euros, the Group is in a privileged position, reflecting a sustained effort and a remarkable ability to adapt to current geopolitical challenges.

The macroeconomic and geopolitical context has played a crucial role, driving the TUBACEX Group towards diversification and the incursion into sectors such as green hydrogen and carbon capture, or nuclear energy. “Geographic and product diversification has been essential to mitigate risks and seize opportunities in strategic regions like Asia and the Middle East, where energy demand is prominent,” assured our Corporate Finance Director.

This diversification strategy has not only allowed the Group to overcome regional challenges but also to plan future expansions, keeping the Group close to the demand centers. This approach responds to the main objective of evolving towards a conglomerate with a more diversified productive base, marking a significant strategic change to reinforce our position in the global energy market.

Despite carrying out acquisitions and ambitious projects, the TUBACEX Group has maintained a robust liquidity position, thanks to prudent debt management and the diversification of funding sources. This prudent approach highlights our ability to finance our growth without compromising our financial stability.

Looking towards the future, the TUBACEX Group has outlined a new Strategic Plan with ambitious goals for 2027, which include a significant increase in turnover and a firm commitment to sustainability and innovation in the energy sector. This plan reflects our commitment to creating value for our shareholders, with a projected payout of between 30% and 40% of the net profit.

“We have committed to clear targets for 2027, projecting a turnover of between 1.200 and 1.400 billion euros and an EBITDA of 200 million euros, maintaining a structural profitability of around 15% throughout the Group,” pointed out Guillermo, although he acknowledged that these goals will also depend on market evolution.

The interview with Guillermo Ruiz-Longarte reveals a TUBACEX Group in a position of strength, ready to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of the global environment. With a notable increase in net profit and a strategy focused on the future, the TUBACEX Group affirms itself as a fundamental player in the global energy sector, committed to innovation, sustainability, and the creation of value for its shareholders.


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