We are thrilled to share our participation yesterday in the 4th DPNT (Direction du Parc Nucléaire et Thermique) gathering, organized by EDF in Paris. This prestigious event brought together the entire management of EDF and invited 500 key industry leader and stakeholders to discuss the ongoing projects aimed at enhancing the operation and maintenance of EDF´s nuclear plants. Among the highlights was the focus on increasing the annual electricity output, highlighting 2023 as a reference year compared to 2022.

A central point of discussion was the exceptional performance of the CSC (Corrosion Sous Contrainte) project. Completed in record time, this project was pivotal in reinstating the operations of halted plants, a testament to Tubacex’s strategic importance in ensuring energy supply security through our portfolio of advanced industrial solutions. This project, awarded to Tubacex through our IBF facilities in Italy, underscored our commitment to excellence and innovation.

In October 2022, France faced a significant challenge with twenty-six of its 56 nuclear reactors offline due to maintenance or corrosion issues on the reactor core cooling pipes. This situation threatened to delay the restart of several reactors, impacting the region’s power stability. EDF, as one of Western Europe’s most critical power companies, needed a reliable solution to mitigate these challenges swiftly.

Tubacex was entrusted with the critical task of designing and manufacturing pipes and fittings for the affected reactors. The project encompassed approximately 700 fittings and 400 meters of pipes, delivered in five lots throughout 2022-2023 under a fast-track scheme. Despite the complex production requirements, including stringent project management, tight delivery schedules, and the imperative for zero defect parts, our team rose to the occasion, ensuring every piece met the highest standards of safety and quality.

This initiative underscored our proficiency in handling highly demanding projects, including those in greenfield nuclear developments and in maintenance ones.  Our engagement in these areas, as recently announced by EDF, showcases our comprehensive expertise across the nuclear sector’s entire lifecycle. The event, led by Cédric Lewandowski, member of the EDF executive committee and director of the DPNT, and hosted by EDF President Luc Rémont, also served as a platform to reaffirm our collaborative efforts. Tubacex was represented by Jose Luis Fernandez, along with Frederic Bouvier, and Pierre Dussert from GNMS, a TUBACEX participated company specialized in Project management engineering, who collectively underscored our unwavering dedication to advancing the nuclear energy sector.

As we reflect on the significant achievement and the recognition received from EDF, especially with the CSC project award at last year’s WNE nuclear expo, our commitment to partnership and innovation becomes even more crucial.  Our focus in the nuclear segment is a part of our broader NT2 strategic cycle, aligns perfectly with Tubacex’s dedication to driving the energy industry forward through sustainable and innovative solutions. Our Low Carbon strategy, central to the NT2 cycle, underscores our resolve to contribute to a more sustainable future. By integrating advanced technological solutions and pursuing projects that have a direct impact on reducing carbon emissions, Our collaboration with industry leaders like EDF highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality, low-carbon solutions that play a pivotal role in the global transition towards sustainable energy.