Our Director of the Low Carbon division, Miguel Gómez Lacabex, will participate as a speaker in the panel “Strategy for Carbon and CO2 Capture” organized by El Economista this following Wednesday morning. This event will highlight the importance of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCUS) technology, an area in which TUBACEX is an expert and firmly committed.

As global leaders in advanced industrial products, we provide tubular solutions based on Corrosion-Resistant Alloys (CRA), specifically designed for the CCUS value chain. Miguel will share our vision on why CCUS is critical, especially in sectors where complete emission reduction is not feasible. Additionally, he will explain how our innovations in high-specification CRA materials are essential for effectively securing and storing CO2, highlighting our contribution to more efficient and sustainable industrial processes, which are crucial for progress.

At TUBACEX, we believe in the power of public-private collaboration and the importance of establishing aligned economic incentives and regulatory frameworks to effectively scale CCUS within the context of an orderly energy transition.