• This training program has been devised in close collaboration with the Basque Government, Confebask and SEA in its plan for carrying out dual quality training in Euskadi.
  • A training program of four years duration, 75% of which is carried out in the company and 25% in the study site.
  • TUBACEX includes one year of international experience at one if its plants in the USA, Europe or India in order to enrich and fulfill the training of young people.
  • This dual training program began in Euskadi and will be implemented progressively in the remaining plants of the TUBACEX Group.
  • This initiative is part of the TUBACEX Foundation and the company’s historic commitment to young people and their employability.

The TUBACEX Group has driven a dual training program to promote the skills and employability of young people in the field of maintenance, bringing professional training to the current needs of the company. It has been devised in close collaboration with the Basque Government, Confebask and SEA in its plan for carrying out dual quality training in Euskadi.

This program has a total duration of four years, with 25% carried out in the lecture rooms and the remaining 75% in the work center with close tutoring. Furthermore, it includes one year of international experience in other plants of the TUBACEX Group in the USA, Europe or Asia, which enriches and rounds off training. Ultimately, it will be supplemented by transversal skills in the fields of Health and Safety, Operational Excellence or Quality Practices, among others, resulting in a highly qualified team specializing in electromechanical maintenance. It will commence at the Basque Country’s TUBACEX plants and will progressively extend to the rest of the plants in the Group, as part of its commitment to young people and their employability.

For Jorge Arévalo: “With the implementation of the Basque model of Dual Professional Training, we are opting for a model based on on-the-job learning. This type of learning is enabling young people to pursue Professional Training and delve deeper into the skills required in order to be able to access employment guarantees in the labor market. They acquire a specialization required for their professional career and this enables companies to improve in their own competitiveness”.

For Jesús Esmorís, Managing Director of TUBACEX, dual training represents an opportunity for companies demanding professionals with specialist qualifications. “Dual training represents a successful educational model by backing a quality specialization consistent with the current requirements of the company”.

A TUBACEX maintenance team participated in its conception in collaboration with experts in the training area of IVAC and the IVET School in Llodio for identifying and developing key training and skills. In this way, a dual program has been achieved which responds to TUBACEX’s commitment to operational excellence in all of its plants, with plans to improve at Group level with special emphasis on the transformation away from maintenance towards electromechanical specializations.

This action takes place within the working areas of the Foundation, set up at the beginning of the year in order to channel the different social initiatives which historically promote the company. TUBACEX was especially active in the transfer of knowledge to young people with the aim of encouraging their professional development and employability. Specifically, the dual training model has been going on in landmark fashion at its Austria plant (SBER) while a training model which also combined classroom training with internships in the center was carried out at its Basque Country plants, in both cases with high levels of subsequent incorporation.


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